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Specializing in New Plays, Adaptations, and Theatre for Young Audiences

Be on the lookout for my latest directing project, THE LANGUAGE OF WILD BERRIES by Naghmeh Samini. Slated to premiere this fall 2022 by Golden Thread Productions!

OH MY SWEET LAND by Amir Nizar Zuabi, featuring Nora El Samahy. Called “extraordinary” by the San Francisco Chronicle, the performances were staged at Bay Area home and community kitchens in 2017 and 2018. In the tour-de-force solo show, based on interviews with Syrian refugees in Jordan, a woman of mixed Syrian-German parentage recalls her encounter with Ashraf, a Syrian man in Paris, all the while preparing kibbeh, a Syrian delicacy. At Golden Thread, performances were followed with community conversations.

OUR ENEMIES: LIVELY SCENES OF LOVE AND COMBAT by Yussef El Guindi. “A powerful piece of political theatre brought to life by a superb ensemble through Yeghiazarian’s deft stage direction.” —Huffington Post. Produced by Golden Thread Productions in 2016, and featuring Munaf Alsafi, James Asher, Denmo Ibrahim, Kunal Prasad, Annemaria Rajala, and Salim Razawi.

SHELTER by Junichi P. Semitsu - An audio love poem from Hiroshima to Beirut to one mixed-race couple’s intertwined destinies. I love adapting poetry to the stage. In 2017, I adapted Junichi 's poem SHELTER in collaboration with sound designer James Ard and lighting designer Cassie Barnes to create a soundscape on Kate Boyd's beautiful scenic design. The voices featured are Shoresh Alaudini, Nida Fuad Khalil, and Mikiko Uesugi combining Japanese, Arabic, and English.

Theatre for Young Audiences - Drawing from traditional performance styles of the Middle East such as Naghali (epic story-telling), Ru-hozi (physical comedy by stock characters), Karagoz (shadow puppetry), and Hakawati (traveling story tellers), I create dynamic and colorful performances for the whole family.

Directing is about bringing life to an empty space

I'm passionate about breathing life and movement into words. I love working with living playwrights, collaborating with ensembles, and just plain experimenting and having fun with all kinds of text!

TAMAM by Betty Shamieh, featuring Nora El Samahy & Maryam Rostami
STUCK by Amir Al-Azraki, featuring Shoresh Alaudini & Munaf Alsafi
21 DAYS THAT CHANGE THE YEAR by Torange Yeghiazarian, featuring Mo Talani & Majd Murad

““Extraordinary... Oh My Sweet Land [by Amir Nizar Zuabi] harks back to a primal joy: that of sitting at the counter of an experienced cook, to watch, listen and smell as she works and tells stories.” ”

Lily Janiak, The San Francisco Chronicle

““Powerful, unforgettable theatre… There’s sex, deep rumination, harsh conflict, galvanizing anger, violence, manipulation, lying, fierce intelligence, incisive criticism and genuine affection. Director Torange Yeghiazarian and her tremendous actors throw the conversation wide open and invite the audience to be active participants in the drama.” ”

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