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My consulting work is about empowering communities to become more visible in American theatre as artists, patrons, and stakeholders. I want to amplify the voices of under-represented communities and help build thriving artistic networks, locally & globally.

Working in Theatre can often feel like you've got your back against a wall. But you are not alone! Your community is your greatest asset and instrumental to your organizational growth and sustainability. Let's put our cultural competency to work to develop outreach and engagement strategies that are customized to your organization and your community.

In addition to our cultural wealth, our greatest asset is building community alliances and networks of like minded artists. This is why I'm very proud to be a co-founder of MENA Theatre Makers Alliance and to serve as advisor to TCG's THRIVE! and NEFA's National Theatre Project grant programs. And engaged in international artistic exchange projects as a Fulbright Specialist.

The Art of Theatre & Running a Theatre Company

Over 25-years of running a culturally-specific theatre company in the US has helped me gain expertise in Cultural Competency, Program Development, Community Engagement, and Strategic Planning. As an educator and Fulbright Specialist, I lead workshops in Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern American Theatre, playwriting, directing, new play development, and producing. I have also been invited to speak to classrooms about adapting the classics, translation, and staging poetry.

International Collaboration
Audience Engagement

“Torange’s expertise in Persian texts and verse was invaluable to my student’s learning. Sharing insights into the beauty and complexity of the original texts, speaking to the art of translations, and centering how poetry and storytelling are essential elements of Iranian culture, provided the students a deeper and richer experience of these ancient texts. Working with her delightful translation of Leyla and Majnun, afforded the class a doorway into experiencing the play, rhythm, and imagery of this classic Persian tale. ”

Domenique Lozano

“Torange brings exceptional capacities to her work [she is an] independent-minded, gifted and indomitable artist...”

Roberta Levitow

“Torange brings a unique voice to the theater world, much needed these days, and in the years to come, when ignorance of matters related to the Middle East is proving to be very costly. In lives, but also in goodwill, and a dwindling ability to fully imagine the "other". ”

Yussef El Guindi

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